Hawaiian holiday

This holiday, the Cooley fam flew out to Maui in memory of our late Oma. We rented a beachfront house and will never forget the sound of the lapping waves and birds to which we woke each morning. Here’s a few snapshots of the vacation…




Why did the rooster cross the green? To get a view of the sea, of course.


This was fun.


the real deal



lots of this. 

The Road to Hana

“Because of…improved highways, the wilderness was no longer an arduous passage for the traveler, but something to be looked at as grand or beautiful from the high vantages of the roadside.”

Wendell Barry

Of course, we drove the ‘road to hana’, a terrifying, dizzying drive along the northeastern coast of the island. This trip gave us some awesome views, headaches and a van full of mini cockroaches. It’s all part of the experience, honey!


Insta-187Along this part of the island one finds stunning colors of sand, rock and geological formations thanks to the volcanic activity, or Pele, the Hawaiian goddess fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes.


shades of blue

Here’s what seems like a pale capture of the amazing variant shades of ocean water visible from the shore and sky. Views that have launched a million hawaiian textile designs.


And finally…the phenomena that inspired the graphic design of the license plate: the rainbow. Double, triple rainbows. Super bright, yep, God is love and awesome.rainbow


even the trees have rainbows




Want more? See additional photos here.



Sorry…not many photos to share since I was busy working most of the SXSWi with @Spedfast.


One of the only outdoor, walk-in welcome vendor tents provided by 3M. They used their translucent films to create a geometric domed structure which housed their latest innovative products.


Free tacos (bbq brisket) from new Austin food truck, The Peached Tortilla. Delicious!

SLR-3-2015_52You can’t go wrong with a simple floral bouquet in your store front. 2nd Street district newbie Lacquer finished just in time to welcome the crowds.


SF: Flowers in her hair…flowers everywhere

Despite the drought (a fact of which you are constantly reminded here) San Francisco boasts some of the most beautiful flowers and landscaping, growing effortlessly on every corner. Of course, some people have been more deliberate about pairing, pruning and replanting. But, the city must have a handsome budget for all the public spaces as well. Here’s a sampling.

SF_07_052-sm SF_07_030-sm SF_07_000-smThe lovely garden at our B&B (Misson district). We sat here in the early evenings reading.

SF_07_001-smAround the back of the B&B there was access to the steam room.

SF_07_040-sm SF_07_047-smGraeme is experiencing a bit of bougainvillea envy.

SF_07_070-smIn the “Marina” district. I would take any one of these homes, yes please.

SF_07_091-smWould I need a full-time gardener to achieve this?

SF_07_090-sm SF_07_130-smHays Valley (my favorite area)

SF_07_161-sm SF_07_166-sm(above 2) Lombard St.

SF_07_176-smI could definitely not handle parking on this slope. I could barely walk it!

SF_07_184-sm SF_07_234-sm SF_07_201-smAnd finally…the land of dahlias.

San Francisco: Street Art, July 2014

SF_07_123-sm[above] This was one of my favorite works of street art, directly across from a Blue Bottle Coffee outpost on a tiny Hays Valley alley that reminded us a lot of Tokyo.

SF_07_231-smSF_07_024-smSF_07_193-smSF_07_101-smFrom the bus

SF_07_102-smFrom the bus: colorful wall enlivens a low-income neighborhood

fence-art Mission-FamCntr

SF_07_096-smMaybe not technically street art, but architecture-art…
SF_07_132-smkiss_streetartsource: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/listen-to-this-wall
source: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/listen-to-this-wall%5B/caption%5D