When life gives you basil…

Make Pesto!

SLR_07_000-basil SLR_07_001-processer SLR_07_004-lunch


Summer things at Van Bossestraat

Fourth of July

We moved into the apartment on July 4th (USA ALL THE WAY!!). But unfortunately the move took all day and we weren’t able to make it to our BBQ that we were invited to. So, we hit up the Albert Hein and made our own American meal for our first patio dinner. We toasted to a first of many…but as it has turned out, we’ve only enjoyed a handful of patio dinners. Summer hasn’t properly arrived here in the NL. Here’s a short list of some of the essentials:

1. Make sure Mr. TNT Post can find our slot.


moving in

2. Hit up the market to procure cheese and flowers, of course!

cheese from the market

dahlias from the market

dahlias from the market

3. Teach our guests our family favorite: Dutch Blitz!

Dutch Blitz!

4. Visit my favorite tea shops for the latest blends

6. Evaluate the “going away gifts” we received from the kids at school. Ponder how in the world we ended up there. Thank the Lord that we are back in Amsterdam.

gift of wine

7. Thank the Lord that we are in Amsterdam so that we can enjoy Kuyt pastries again!!

Kuyt Apple Schnitt