Japan Notes: Getting from here to there

Getting around Japan was pretty easy as you’ve got so many options! Subway, train, bus, bike, walking, car and sometimes rickshaw guys. We weren’t all that worried about getting around, as we heard that the subway system was similar to the Netherlands where you pay per distance travelled. We were just super excited to be in a place again where you don’t have to constantly rely on the all powerful car. There’s something about bouncing around a train with everyone else that makes you feel like you are part of the place.

JAP_11_1050-stationDesign based on this lovely station

There were lots of signs around telling you how not to act, and as everything in Japan is turned into a cute cartoon, they were often amusing. I love the one of the train door freaking out about some headstrong kid making a break for him. ” Don’t do it, kid!” Or the one where people are just being jerks, throwing crap on the ground or swinging around with their backpack. Look how absolutely shocked the kid is about that guy throwing garbage on the ground! I also assume that old man is yelling “you’re all stupid!” Or the guy poking the kid in the face with a giant cigarette.

JAP_11_1050-signageSeems to be a visual language for friendly warning signage

Friendly reminders about train & platform etiquette

JAP_11_0703-smHow ingenious: design the instructions right into the textile! Does Graeme realize he is not any of these things? Seat stealer!


They love their baasubaru here. We were surprised to see Texas on a platform!

JAP_11_0129-trainsBeautiful things you see while waiting for the train.

Walking! And we did plenty of it…


JAP_11_0636-sidewalkSidewalks are sometimes painted green, sometimes nonexistent. But no worries, there’s no fear with kind Japanese drivers here.

JAP_11_0098-constructionThis was in on the corner of an intersection. No idea what it says, but I’m thinking something like “do not enter this flower charging zone”

JAP_11_0035-sidewalkNo walking while smoking and tossing your crap around!



Not quite Amsterdam in frequency or bike lanes, but still a pretty good way to get from point A to B.



And Lastly, the car…

Watch that video and tell me you wouldn’t want to park in Japan. Your car goes into a little car carrousel with all the other cars! They have them for bikes too, but we didn’t see any. But like I said, who needs a car when you have all these other awesome options.

[vimeo 81361750]

From the train…

As always, the train is the way to travel.



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