A few wet days in New York Citee

A few days of New York moments…

What can be said? Such a beautiful city–alive, busy. Full of sights and smells and sounds. Some of our favorite sounds came by means of jazz in the park where we sat and had lunch.



Unfortunately it absolutely poured rain while we were there, so we took refuge in the central library. They are currently undergoing a massive reno and are carting books back and forth between a storage facility buried under the park. Would LOVE to see it when it’s done!.






New favorite street: Bond St. A really cool condo that hires a floral designer/landscape artist who maintains the foliage perched in each person’s window. We looked up the rent, and it was a pretty reasonable 20k a month. o_O


SLR_06_999_36-bondThis spaghetti-looking sculptural fence was designed to give residents a bit of privacy and to keep people from sleeping on their porches. Super creative solution to an otherwise ordinary project brief.

One day we would love to take the city by storm. Will it ever happen?


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