Reunion Weekend in the Berkshires

SLR_06_987-smWhen it’s this beautiful, what’s a few sleepness nights back in the dorm? Well, besides a few unpleasant Eerde flashbacks, it was a lot of fun to be reunited with about 16 other of my classmates and faculty members and see the transformation that Berkshire School has undergone in the past 10 years. I enjoyed showing Graeme around the campus—although he doubted my sense of direction after I seemed confused by the new driveways and buildings. Yes, I really did attend here!





SLR_06_976-smThe new and very improved double rink.

SLR_06_906-smThe main school building is in the center, the “cafeteria” building is on the right.


The alumni group did a fantastic job hosting the reunion. And what kind of a weekend in the Berkshires goes without pancakes and some of the school’s house brand maple syrup. Had I not faced luggage restrictions, I would’ve brought back several jugs of the delicacy. Following the breakfast, we toured around some of the new and renovated buildings. And I must say that I have not done much photo retouching—it is really that green! We worked off our breakfast with a light hike up through some of the trails behind the school buildings.

Panorama-smSLR_06_907-smThe campus enveloped with light clouds started the day. It lifted by noon and provided a lovely temperature for our hike.

SLR_06_935-smOne faculty member leads us on a walk through the trails that follow the mountains that overshadow the campus. We took the route that led us to the upper pool & water falls and back down by the Thoreau House.



SLR_06_924-smA look at the backside of the new Math & Science building. I love the landscaping!

SLR_06_938-smAn exact replica of the “Thoreau House” built in the woods, complete with replica period furnishings and plumbing (i.e. there is none).

SLR_06_921-rinkSLR_06_923-smWhere the Champions are made. The 2003 banner was won in part by yours truly.


SLR_06_968-emABoarding school besties.
Amanda & Emily in front of the renovated Berkshire Hall after the Class of ’03 cocktail party.


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