SXSW Diary: Day 6

DaftPunk posters

We’ve enjoyed the sxsw app for iPhone & iPad that keeps us connected to all that’s happening throughout the conference. It tells us about where people are gathering, what they’re tweeting about and how likely one’s admittance into a particular film screening is.

It is also what kept us up until the wee hours of the night waiting for a #secretshow that never happened.

We were daftly punked.

Let me reflect on the sights and sounds that filled my lunch hour and evening stroll. This is the day I started to suspect an awful thing was coming on…the unmentionable, the ignorable, the rain on my parade. The head cold.

Oh yea, I have to mention my very exciting visit to Sonos Studios to meet my favorite KCRW DJs in their very cool little camp off Red River street. Crawling along the I-35 at 12:30pm I kept telling myself this was a terrible idea. I had butterflies in my stomach and I was trying to compose very mature things to say, “I’ve been listening to your excellent radio station for years, ” “Every new, exciting artist I’ve learned about in the last few years has been thanks to your research and broadcasting” and “Tell Francis I say hi, I love Design & Architecture (podcast series)”. All I managed to muster out was a few nervous ‘hellos’ and ‘keep up the good work!”. They were all very lovely and introduced themselves to me with tired smiles. They invited me to come back during the showcases and continue to enjoy my week. I ran back to my car parked in a MEDIA ONLY spot and drove back to my office. (Thanks to Graeme for being on Spring Break so that I had the car at my disposal!).

IMG_03_933-smA familiar sight around town: cues of people snake around parking lots and once-derelict storefronts. This wall has been repainted by several groups throughout the year. The adjacent parking lot is full of security detail and food tents.



The vendors set up at the South by San Jose have got every Austinite wannabe cowboy covered.

South by San Jose
poster for the 3-day stage shows at the Hotel San Jose.


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