SXSW Diary: Day 4


SXSW has been pretty great so far! It’s a lot of fun to see this city explode with people; feels like we are in Toronto or Amsterdam again. It also makes you realize how quiet a downtown Austin is during the rest of the year. It’s also been great to talk to people who aren’t from here. It’s been a good exercise to be able to field the questions of “so how do you like Austin?” and “do you think you will stay here long term?”

Monday–day 4 of SXSW–has meant “back to reality” of sorts for us. Graeme is on spring break from school, while Amanda is still going in to the office. Amanda still had some paid time off accrued from Christmas, so she decided to take Monday morning off, so we went out to breakfast at the 24 Diner. Austin has rarely disappointed in its food offerings. We then paid homage to the local tea house so Amanda could stock up, but then it was time for our magical SXSW weekend to end. Back to reality. Amanda back to making the world a more beautiful and designed place, and Graeme back to the task of forming the young minds of tomorrow (I gave the kids a pretty intense test on Romanticism, from Blake to Yeats. These kids may not realize it, but they are geting the good stuff!)

After our busy work afternoon was over, it was time for another event! We went off to Pentagram as they were hosting a Pecha Kucha event. I don’t think it was officially a SXSW event, but they smuggled in the vibe nevertheless. These events are cool, as they allow a speaker to speak on whatever they want, 20 slides for 20 seconds per slide. We saw some cool stuff, with some more inspiring than others, followed by a quick bike back to our apartment. Ah city life.


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