SXSW Diary: Day 3

“If you’ve already bumped into James Franco while eating something with salsa on it and somehow have a fully charged phone, you’re doing this right.”

Sunday was another exciting day in Austin. We started with some Rainey Street sight-seeing and Blackberry testing. Ate some freezies, even though it was really too cold for freezies. We chased down the TaskRabbit van for some Amy’s Ice Cream. Still too cold for ice cream. Back to the house for some lunch and rest because directly after church we’d be heading to a very exciting Design Throwndown hosted by PointRoll. In this party, designers from the USA, Australia and France battled it out on a stage to tell the story of a banished Pluto returning to the Milky Way Galaxy through design and illustration. And all this to the soundtrack to some very cool DJs called RAC. I know, it sounds wacky, but it was really fun. But, a little cold. We were underdressed and longed for hot drinks and a fireplace.

On our way home, we crossed through the Republic Park (3rd/Guadalupe) and stumbled upon some cool interactive art installations. I hope they’ll be here all week.

Ice Cream

Design ThrowDown




[vimeo 61548889]

Design Battle

[vimeo 61548890]



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