SXSW Diary: Day 2

SXSW is like the tech world’s Fashion-Night-Out. Free food, branded merchandise, drinks and entertainment abound. Every haunt is lobbying for our attention and media impressions: “please tweet about us and this party” one PR girl said to us as she checked our names on the guest list. You have been a good suitor and we accept your gifts. We enjoyed two free (one VERY excellent) meals, a film screening (world-premier), a great DJ set and some free drinks. Oh, and the T-shirts. Mine says “Typography” on it. How cool!

A note about the DJ set: none of than the great @Jason_Bentley from my FAVORITE radio station KCRW…some seriously awesome beats. YES!!

eco badges
And they gave us badges.

But, dear Austin, you did not bring your best weather for all our guests. I mean, sure it was making our Seattle friends feel right at home; but it was a little hard to convince them all that you usually only provide us about 5 days of rain PER YEAR. Ah well…I think it will hit 80°F with sunshine early next week. Good show.




This is a project where visitors are invited to write themselves a postcard (and self-address it) in order to document their sxsw adventure. The artist will mail you your card in 6 months!


pingpongWe also played some ping pong courtesy of the post-apocalyptic TV show, Revolution. The show isn’t great, but the tent of games was awesome! Check it out at the corner of Cesar Chavez and Red River.


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