SXSW Diary: Day 1


Dear Austin, You are alive and buzzing with excitiement. Excitement over new ideas and people and increased revenues to your food trucks. It’s going to be a very exciting week, indeed. I feel like you’ve finally put on your Sunday best and are determined to get in the game.

Austin, you draw visitors with your food, good weather and great live music. This week we add tech-startups, software and hardware previews, hot documentaries, the new it-bands and lots of free patio parties. Even if you aren’t in the Industry, one can’t help but be lured into at least a few events or traffic jams. Traffic jams are a specialty of yours, we residents know, but you’ve just taken it up a notch by shutting down streets and letting the two and five-wheeled vehicles take over. It’s exhilarating.

Graeme and I had a fairly low-key evening sampling the fare out the Rainey street SouthBites trailers curated by Top Chef Paul Qui. We met the formidable snake-bike train at the frog party, the James Webb Space space full-scale model Telescope and a bunch of Dutchies (obviously…combines two of their great loves: travel + parties). Some other interesting things include: phone charging stations, company Houses (Google, Blackberry, Veer), branded pedicabs, virtually no activity west of Congress between 5th and Cesear Chavez (where our apartment is). I’m sure that will change as Music takes over on Monday.

Now back to the house to rest of for tomorrow. See you tomorrow, Austin. xoxo.

Google Graeme



iPad menuBrilliant! Using iPads and food photography to describe and display food.

SouthBitesSouthBites sliders from The Butcher’s Son.



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