winter update


This is a bit of a ‘here’s some random things from around the house’ post. We’ve taken our 2012 New Years resolutions to heart and really thrown ourselves into our jobs and new life here in Austin, which means…more doing, less blogging.

We have been making more friend dates, testing out restaurants and cafes around the city and enjoying lots of time outdoors. And with the sun shining through the window–I know this is going to sound silly–seeing my computer screen requires use of the sun shades on our windows during the day. This means my blogging energies are nearly depleted by the time it’s dark enough to sit at my computer. And of course, the days where it’s cloudy or rainy are so few and far between that I spend a lot of my free time reading, eating or chatting on the balcony instead. And thanks to my book club I have been more motivated to read. And thanks to my awesome mobile phone, I’m even more liberated from my computer to do things like web browsing, skype calling and emails. Ah, the life in a sun-drenched state.

But, alas, when Graeme permits, I take some photos of our life to share with you here!


This is an adaptation from a recipe from one of my favorite food bloggers/cooks.






We bought this floating shelf several months ago and it finally has a home! Graeme can now read in bed (with lamp, not shown) and not disturb Amanda. A beautiful marriage-saving solution 🙂


Who would have thought I’d wear all these over a 24 hour period? Only in Texas…


This is an example of trying to use everything from our Greenling box. In the pan: beet stalks and greens. Not too bad, actually, however I wouldn’t order it again.



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