Learning to eat…

salmon quiche

Graeme’s salmon quiche served while we hosted the Donaldsons for the week prior to Justin’s wedding. We were all impressed by the clean cut. Julie had brought us Mennonite pastry when she visited and it is amazing. Neither of us have really figured out how to replicate it.

bruscetta from home grown heirloom tomatoes

As partial payment for Graeme’s work on a friend’s estate, he received home grown heirloom tomatoes, from which he made the most delicious bruscetta. He also saved some seeds and will see if they actually produce anything next year (Graeme: or whenever I figure out the planting seasons in Texas!)


We joined a local food co-op and in our first shipment received a bag of okra, which apparently grows abundantly here in Hill Country. I have never been big on ‘southern cooking’ and hence my recollection of okra had me dreading pickly tastes, greasy pans and lots of butter. But, Graeme found a recipe for a simple bread-and-bake method that was a wonderful introduction to the veggie. Would be great with a mustardy sause next time, but so far there hasn’t been a next time.

My parents returned from their Israel trip raving about the beets. Beets also appeared in our Greenling box, so after allowing them to socialize with the potatoes and onions under our counter for awhile, we finally decided to try them out. Really good! And apparently easy to grow, so we shall put them on our “to grow” list for the future…Maybe not the balcony tho.

cut beets

beet pasta

Of course, the sweet corn is in season, so we’ve been playing with all the different ways to chop, slice and bake corn into our meals.

sweet corn

And lastly, I inherited a giant bowl of watermelon and so you  know what they say…when life gives you watermelon, make SORBET!

lavender watermelon sorbet

I added lavender and completed the dish with the freezer method ( I combined the directions from a few different recipes). It worked out quite well and now we are well stocked for those hot summer nights.


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