Around the house: 3 months in Austin

We are feeling much more settled in here: plants are perking up after transplants, our furniture arrived (more photos to come) and we’ve had a series of dinner and dessert guests.

asparagus fern

This is the plant we bought ‘in honor’ of Terry’s bday!

tea tins

I’ve spent free time getting back to those projects I’ve been preparing for: tea storage! It comes as no surprise to those of you who know me that I’m a paper collector and I’m proud to say that I’m finally putting that to good use. We’ve framed some pieces, used some for stationery and I’m using some to cover these sealable tea storage containers that I bought, just before the supplier went out of business! Great timing!!

tea storage

My brother is now happily married and I inherited a few bouquets of flowers and hundreds of candles from the wedding reception.

We have reflected on all the wonderful things we’ve been able to do in the last year. And cherished the thought that one year ago when we began thinking about ‘what’s next’ we could never have imagined all that God has provided to us. We are really loving our new city, feeling inspired by the projects we are developing desires for and are making friends quite quickly. We’ve found a church we think we will make home, we love our apartment (though, not always loving the poolside parties on weekends) and we are finding a groove and schedule that works for our energy levels.

We hardly drive the car (I bike to work most every day), our groceries are within a 5 minute bike ride and living downtown has provided us easy access to many fun, free, outdoor summer events.

Although I feel that our life here isn’t nearly as photographically¬†interesting as the Europe portion of this blog attests, we have spent way more time outdoors, hanging out with new friends and cooking! Which brings us to our next post…stay tuned.



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