“Is it always this hot in May?”

thai stir fry pork

We’re finally getting into a food rhythm here at the Coo-Don house and it feels good. I recently acquired a bunch of new cooking books and tools (Thank you, friend!!) and have been expanding my idea of food prep, ingredients and how to build a pantry. We’ve made a very successful loaf of no-knead bread, banana lemon loaf and vermicelli pork stir-fry (above).

Our new patio table gets lots of use for dinners and throughout the day on weekends. Our chairs easily move in and out with our meals and reading needs.

I’ve cashed in a few “Christmas coupons” for fresh flowers as the ranunculus are regulars in the flower shop.


Our pool has played host to a rowdy bunch of sun-loving neighbors; we hope this trend slows as the ‘summer weather’ continues. Likely? Probably not…

We are hosting our lovely German Sheppard pup, Zoe who has been extrememly hard to leave in the mornings and very excited to see us in the evenings! Her need for regular walks fits very well into our current schedule. The question is: will we be just as thrilled about having the hairy bundle of joy after 4 weeks?? She’s already chewed up our DVD case, Graeme’s slippers, a candle!, a fancy bar of soap!! We bought her a new bone today.

Zoe Cooley



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