A hike from Vernazza

a view leaving Vernazza

We spent a day hiking between Vernazza and Monterosso, the next town northeast. The hike took about 1 hour and 3 bottles of water. We didn’t really know what to expect, but as we got into it we realized that this was going to be a trek. The Dutch tourist in front of us wearing a skirt and flipflops had to bail out and go back to Vernazza to (I assume) change into hardcore hiking gear. Bush-men Graeme and Chris were in their element.

Monterosso beach

Monterosso beach

umbrellas at the beach

In Monterosso, there are these lovely tiles displaying the towns’ individual characteristics. Considered one of the most beautiful and still less touristy places in the country, it’s hard to believe the magic has been preserved all these years.

tropical foliage

Graeme and Chris

photographers hard at work

Ah, looking at these photos, I wish I could go back. Monterosso has been more preserved than its sister city. Just off the square, I had the most delicious and sweet lemonade—freshly squeezed. The region is known for its lemons, so obviously I had to buy some lemon-scented soap! I really tried to keep the weight of my suitcase in mind, after all we had a couple more cities to visit before heading back to the NL. And, we would pay for it later…more on that in another post.

We sat on the beach and took turns dipping in the water. We ate our picnic lunch and soaked in the Italian heat. It was glorious!


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