Vernazza, you have our hearts.

The recent news of mudslides that have destroyed much of Vernazza’s beach has inspired me to finish writing my summer holiday posts. We started our Italian tour in the beautiful seaside town of Vernazza, along with our Canadian friends Chris and wife Carolyn. Graeme and I had ate some ‘funny’ fish in Barcelona the night before we flew so we unfortunately didn’t feel all great on the 2 hour plane hop to Pisa followed by a 2 hour wait at the train station to take our 1.5hr train to Vernazza. We were relieved (and surprised) to see Chris & Carolyn on the same ‘regional’ train that completed our journey. When we arrived in Vernazza, this humble, ancient city carved out of the terraced hillside, we all felt a bit unprepared for how beautiful it was.

arrival in Vernazza

getting our bearings...

It’s hilarious to think about in retrospect. You step off the train with what feels like hundreds of sweaty tourists and are funneled down one staircase (or wait for the lift, which I never saw in working order). The water is less than 250 meters from the train station and there is one main street with only a handful of roads off the main strip, so there is little need for a map to find your way around. Well, we found our homely b&b, changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the beach.

Vernazza beach

partial view of the beach

Vernazza beach

Vernazza beach

The water felt refreshing, the scenery was unbeatable and we had a great time catching up with our friends, enjoying the last few hours of the late summer sun. Unfortunately Graeme’s beach visit was cut short after he got ‘pricked’ by something in the large rock and Chris had to preform surgery back in the room. We reconvened for pizza and evening stroll punctuated by wine on the docks listening to a serenading guitar player.

evening stroll in Vernazza

evening stroll in Vernazza

Chris lent me his cool lens to take a bunch of photos during the trip. Here’s some of my other favorite from the town. How can you not be inspired by the amazing light, colors and textures. I’ve been pining over this landscape and architecture for years, so I want to say again THANK YOU to Graeme for bringing me to this wonderful little spot. Thanks also to Eerde for replenishing our bank account to make this all possible.

Vernazza patio style

Vernazza beach

A view from above the city

A view from above the city

A view from above the city

A view from above the city

Up next: The hike from Vernazza to Monterosso


5 thoughts on “Vernazza, you have our hearts.

  1. I loved your photos, although with that scenery its hard not to take a beautiful shot!
    If you or anyone else would like to know how to help Vernazza in their recovery or just keep updated on their progress I have dedicated a section of my blog to this amazing place.

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