Jolly ole London town

While visiting our folks in Cambridge, we decided to go into London for a few days. I (Graeme) had never been to London and Amanda’s memories of the city were fog, rain and a feeling of “oh man, why aren’t we in Paris right now!” So we just decided to go in for one day, expecting mediocre food, proper people and rain.

And boy were we wrong! (Well, except for the proper people part.) The weather was beautiful and since it was London fashion week we knew we were seeing London in her finest. We spent a good 3 hours in Harrods alone getting lost among the amazing food and the beautiful clothes. Amanda tried to wrap herself in Lanvin and Etro and found a Givenchy coat that she loved. I convinced her to come down from the financial ledge and we bought a yummy lunch instead. (One day I’ll get you the coat, sweetheart!)

Well, needless to say that our one day in London turned into two and we came back from Cambridge a few days later, getting lost at the Tate and finding amazing design shops and boutique clothing stores.

It was on this trip that we made a solemn marital vow: we decided that every three years or so we are going to return to Europe and do a London-Amsterdam-Paris-Milan tour; stock up on food, clothes, furniture, ideas and bring them back to wherever we are living next. O blogosphere, you have become witness to our vow!

a view on the Thames

a view on the Thames

Old War building near Trafalger

Old War building near Trafalger

And you thought these only existed in Paris?!

telephone call

just making a call


a wave for Harrods

Art History at the Tate


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