On the menu at van Boss

lamb with mint chutney and pasta salad

lamb with mint chutney and pasta salad

We stumbled across a recipe for mint lamb balls and we were able to find ground lamb on sale several times. So, since the recipe was such a success, this became a summer favorite. They were easy to freeze and tasted amazing! Graeme says the secret was simmering them in chicken broth after they were cooked. We substituted cashews for pistachios in the chutney and it was also good.

mint chutney

mint chutney

cous cous

lemon basil with cous cous


When preparing for the visit of my mom, we carefully planned a bunch of simple meals and packed our fridge with as much as we could to avoid nightly market runs. But we hadn’t really planned the desserts. They just kind of happened. A different dessert every night. Oh yes.

Dessert No. 1 was actually ice cream at a little parlor down the street with locations across the city. I had appletaart flavor with bits of appletart in it! Amazing. For the other desserts, we collected something while we were out and about.

Dessert No. 2 Almond Cake with cherry and pistachio topping

Mom with dessert

dessert #2: cherry almond cake

almond cake

love the pistachio crumble on top

Dessert No. 3 :While in the Albert Cuyp market, mom picked up some fresh gevulde koek.

Dessert No. 4 : The next night we visited our favorite cake shop near Spui. Obviously, we garnish with strawberries. It’s summer! I used our flowering cilantro for table decoration.

dessert #4: carrot cake, blueberry cake, chocolate cake

I had wanted to make poppyseed muffins or cake since Eerde but never got the ingredients together and had the time to do it. I tried to actually used sour cream but 3 Albert Hein stores that we stopped at were out, so I settled for creme fraiche. They tasted amazing but they were quite dense. I think I’ll use a different recipe next time.

morning muffins

Lemon poppyseed muffins made with creme fraiche

Mom bought stinky fish the last day she was here. She ate most of it for lunch but there was plenty left over for dinner. So, we made little appetizers out of it. Hearty bread, basic, mayo topped with mackerel. Delicious!

mackerel appetizers

What to do with left over mackerel fish?

Dessert No. 5 : Apple turnovers from the….Central Station! hah

Dessert No. 6 : I can’t remember. oops.


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