On the Anniversary menu

For our anniversary, we decided to stay in and make a gourmet meal together. We hadn’t done fish in awhile and we had this frozen puff pastry in the freezer from my spontaneous craving for apple strudle. So, I did some googling and found this charming video for salmon en croûte. We kept the veggies simple and Graeme made a nice hollandaise sauce. We both wanted pie for dessert so we bought peaches and blueberries and I made the famous Mennonite pie crust.

zalm pastry prep

I love the color combination!

a little trick I learned from Julie & co.

the result...delicious!

topped with slagroom, whipped cream!

It was delicious, although I (Graeme) made the sauce a lil too buttery. I’m telling you, sauce making is the hardest, but I love hollandaise sauce so much, I want to perfect it. And Amanda’s pie was amazing of course. And slagroom (whipped cream) in Holland is the best I’ve ever had. Because cows basically live everywhere.


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