Holland in July/August

Graeme's wet pants

No, he didn't have an accident

This is precisely the reason why:

  • Flights to Amsterdam should be cheaper in July/August
  • Visiting Amsterdam in July/August is a BAD idea
  • I should never bother blow-drying my hair
  • Most Dutch people don’t bother doing their hair
  • We must start bringing our “splash pants” with us wherever we go
You know how when you were younger your parents warned you not to cross your eyes (because they might get stuck) or to not frown too much or to avoid squinting? It was so that your face didn’t acquire unflattering wrinkles that you could’ve avoided. Well, now I know how the Dutch have developed such beautiful smile lines around their eyes. It’s not from smiling, however. Rather, it’s from the “Dutch face” that one adopts while biking in the rain/biking in the sun/biking in general. Observe:

Once again, Graeme and I got caught in the rain. We were puttering around on our computers all morning/afternoon until deciding to finally go out and have some ‘city exploring’ time. And, what do you know, 10min into our little soujourn, the heavens opened and the rain came down. Hard. Fast. I guess I can’t say that it was without warning—this is the land of clouds, but I had hoped it would hold off. Well, we ducked into the store to get some dinner food items and raced home. Just as we pull into our street, the rain, of course, you guessed it…stopped! Ah!!! And that’s the story of our summer so far. Rain, rain, sun, rain, rain, rain, wind, clouds, clouds, sun, clouds, rain. Anyone wanna come visit? 🙂


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