The new watch

Graeme's new watch

Now that I’m married and have become a man of responsibility, I decided that I needed a fine wristwatch. No more phone-checking for all my time needs. I need to show the world that I am a sophisticated, classy and stylish individual. Well, I found the perfect watch but unfortunately it is about €6k. (Although Amanda started a IWC watch fund for my birthday. I’ll get it one day!) That was a tad beyond our budget. Then I found a really cool dutch watch that I was pretty tempted to ask for my birthday, but when I tried it on it was….big. I liked it, but I’m not a huge fan of the big watch obsession that the Dutch have.

A bit discouraged, Amanda and I went to the Bijenkorf (think the Dutch-Saks 5th Ave) in order to see what they have. Well, we stumbled upon a Danish beaut! I’m not naturally attracted to rectangular faces, but it was undeniable when we tried it on. Thanks honey bunches for the birthday present! The perfect gentleman’s starter watch. I may have just started an obsession.

** 5 minutes before **


unwrapping the "cadeau"

the "cadeau" ribbon

a peek inside


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