The Dutch look

One of things I hope I have learned in Europe (and Amanda hopes too) is to be more stylish. What I am becoming accustomed to is the particular look that the Dutch men go for. Normally is is jeans (hoh boy do they love their denim here!) with brown dress shoes, a slim fit dress shirt and a blazer. When they need to be a bit more formal, you will find a slim fit grey suit, brown dress shoes, light blue slim fit dress shirt and a dark blue tie (I see that combo a LOT. And I love it. Need to get a dark grey suit before too long.)

The younger stylish man wears all of the above, but substitutes the brown dress shoes with neon hightops, skater shoes or some sort of sneaker. This I hate. It’s like wearing a baseball hat with a suit. It’s like saying “I know what looks good….and I’m still in college sucka!!”

But with all of these stylish men I have started my clothes-I-need checklist. And I’m slowly becoming more and more addicted to men’s style blogs. Amanda is happy.

look at those shoes!!


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