Strange growth of Mr. Spikey, the cactus


mini cactus grew a rat tail

I fell in love with baby cactus during a trip to Amsterdam one ‘off weekend’. He would be my desk companion. Unfortunately, one week I left him in the houseparent’s office and he was neglected. So, he turned brown. boo. I watered him faithfully even though I secretly planned to cancel him quietly when we left Eerde. Then, he started to produce this strange blooming tail. And so I decided to let him continue–he may not be lost after all. And, I’m proud to say that in these last couple weeks, he’s regained his color and strength!

This proves that I can nurture a cactus.


3 thoughts on “Strange growth of Mr. Spikey, the cactus

  1. Annemieke smith here again, i just wanted to say that i love your blogs and read them everyday xoxoxo

  2. Hi Sander Cevat here, I was one of your students at eerde, and im admired by the cactus! next time give it another name tho! Kisses

  3. HOI
    I’m annemieke and i would love to know how your guys doeing. i miss you everyday. lot’s of love annemieke s

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