Move No. 5: things we left behind

Our Eerde adventure was coming to a close and so we had to prepare to say goodbye. Goodbye to our cottage, the country, our garden, some belongings and our lives as parents of 35 teenagers. I snuck out of the house one glorious morning to take some photos of our humble cottage and the surroundings; those photos will be featured in a forthcoming post.

Amanda at dinner table

the last supper

What isn’t apparent from this photo is that the left side of my face is not working very well. I also have tissues damming my nose and I won’t be able to taste any of that lovely chicken in front of me.

Graeme at dinner

Graeme thinks I'll never use these 'test shots' where he refuses to smile

We also recently discovered the amazing goodness that is Royal Club bitter lemon. OH WOW. Graeme used to concoct this lemon juice + San Pellegrino + sugar drink for our summer dinner dates together. Royal Club to the rescue. And it’s super cheap here!

Goodbye Funny Face, Goodbye winter boots

glasses case

My Funny Face glasses case

my "I can beat the Canadian winter" boots

our overgrown garden

Goodbye starter garden.

overgrown garden

We proposed this garden project to teach the kids lessons about food production, nutrition and country life. We planted in late April after the Easter break and we had an amazing crop of arugula for months. Our sla, lettuce followed suit (although we of course lost some heads) but overall we had more crop than we could eat. We planted carrots in early May knowing that we might not be there to harvest them full-grown. We knew no one else would pull them out, so we decided to see how far they’d come.

two baby carrots

Dear, darling baby carrots. I vow to plant your offspring and let them grow. Your tiny life was not in vain.


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