The first birthday abroad

The day started with Graeme’s Betterment Campaign Day no. 3 (6:45am wake-up), a piece of birthday coffee cake with coffee and some alone time with God, the news and some tasks in that order. I joined him around 8am as I had an interview at a design studio in a couple of short hours. I made Graeme eggs, toast and cut some fruit.

Amanda brought home a bday dahlia for Graeme

Around midage, noon, we had lunch together and then set off for the American bookstore where we perused magazines and books and took in the sun and fresh summer air. That’s right…the air is fresh here–something like a perpetual spring right into July. Well, we biked home and enjoyed some tea on the balcony and tried not to eat more cake as we had a dinner reservation around 7pm. We joked that maybe we could start a trend of spending each birthday in a different city. Amanda may have something going here: 2008 – Arlington, 2009 – Toronto, 2010 – Carmel, CA, 2011 – Amsterdam, 2012 – ??

Dinner was fantastic and we are inspired to integrate more goat’s cheese into our meals. We biked to another cafe for the ‘best appletart’ in Amsterdam with slagroom, whipped cream, of course.

appletart in Amsterdam

the best appletart in Amsterdam

We enjoyed some tea and coffee on the balcony and toasted Graeme to a well lived 28 years of life.

[vimeo 26153550]

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