France: Versailles (Day 7)

I pushed to add Versailles to the end of our trip when we realized we had a few extra days. Graeme and I had seen a fabulous show of photographer Robert Polidori in Milan. He’s captured various elements under restoration in Versailles and the result is beautiful, ginormous color-rich views of the hidden doors, carpeted walls, 18th century furniture and fashions on display at the Palace. We were excited to see and capture our own photos of the interiors. That would prove to be difficult.

Who would’ve thought everyone in the Paris environs would want to visit Versailles on the most beautiful Easter they’ve seen in years!? My dad wanted us to arrive at Versailles as early as possible but our schedule only allowed us a 1pm arrival at earliest. So after our Easter service at Chartres, we headed east for the royal palace. We checked into our hotel and changed into our Sunday best. How did we fare? Well, not only was this one of the busiest but also hottest days at Versailles! We sweated in line for 1.5 hours- our ‘beat the line pass was a well-known secret amongst tourists”. The locals know to avoid the place on Sundays. Once through the gates, it took about 2 hours to shuffle through the rest of the palace with our ears glued to the (free) audio guide.

Versailles Palace in France

Marie Antoinette problem never wanted these in her front driveway

too hot for did MA wear all those layers?

bed of Marie Antoinette at Versailles

bed fit for a queen

view at Versailles

her bedroom view

hall of mirrors at Versailles

hall of mirrors at Versailles

We did finally emerge and (pay again!) enter into the gardens. It’s a breath of fresh air from the over the top …

gardens at Versailles

My stylish husband rockin the camera, ready for his close-up.

at Versailles

the photographer

We had a little fun posing with the perfectly manicured trees. I have been trying to convince Graeme that we should do the same in our garden one day. He said the neighbors will laugh at us.

We enjoyed a great dinner (see other post about gastronomic experiences for details), our last night together–the whole family. Patios are so wonderful…and so is French food!

Mom and Graeme

When we got home Graeme and I watched S Coppela’s Marie Antoinette to see what we recognized and if any of the gardens had been changed. We noticed a few airbrushed fountains.


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