France: A day in a castle (Day 6)

Chateau d'Esclimont

Yes, yes, we spend most of our days in a castle, but this story is different. It’s about a French castle! The castle is located in Saint Symphorien, France, about 15min east of Chartres. We arrived around 4pm and just escaped the rain. We enjoyed one of our best meals in the dining room and a bath(!) to sooth our sore traveller’s feet. It was a fairly early to bed so that we could catch the 9am Easter church service at Chartres.

the sleeping quarters


amanda and Graeme

shameless love

Chateau d'Esclimont

the grounds

Easter morning

This trip, there’s another camera in the cue. Ingrid convinces Graeme to snap the last photo of our castle stay as Amanda and Jay wait nervously in the car (we were already 15min behind schedule for our Chartres church service). Ingrid wanted to to show off her free bottle of juice which we never ended up drinking on the ‘joint’ trip. Graeme and I carted it to Paris and then to our own picnic in the park several days later.

Graeme photographs Ingrid


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