France: Mont St. Michel (Day 5)

as we approach...

It’s a beautiful drive down to Mont St. Michel from the Normandy beaches. We stopped for a lunch in Granville, which was recommended by (Lonely Planet or Frommers or something like this) but perhaps not a highlight of the trip. Thus, no photos. It was here that poor Dad lost an unfortunate fight with the toilet over his camera. When he checked the chip in Graeme’s camera to see if it suffered damages, we discovered the chip was clean. I offered to lend him my “mini camera” which helped smooth things over. I remember losing images when transfering files to/from external hard disks and that horrible sinking feeling that you get when you realize what you’ve just done. Totally blows.

Luckily the chip dried out and he didn’t lose any images. So, he could use his own chip in my camera for the rest of the trip. It was nice to get mini camera back for the Paris portion and it forced me to focus on shooting with my SLR for the rest.

the other side...

curly fried dough

our pre-dinner snack

as the tide comes in

Oh the tiny French cappuccinos…for €4, it’d better taste divine. Around 7pm, the tide becomes so high that it is dangerous for buses and cars to stay on the road. Thus, the island clears out and it’s quiet and quaint. They have invited Dutch engineers (of course!) to help “polder” or reclaim the land to preserve its island formation.

The next morning we visited the abbey situated a steep climb above the shops, hotels and restos.

family in front of the abbey


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