Canada’s Memorial contribution

About a 10 min drive from Juno beach is Canada’s cemetery. It’s sitting in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by farmers fields. You know it’s Canada’s cemetery because as you drive up you are surrounded by giant maple trees. That is a tradition I love about Canada–we plant Canadian trees at all our memorials. There were maple and spruces at Caen and big maple trees here. After living in the Dutch low lands for half a year at that time, it made me homesick to see these familiar trees. All the more homesick to see the maple leaf on the headstones and to be surrounded by something that felt very Canadian.

Canada's Juno Beach Cemetery

It was very quiet

Canadian Cemetery Entrance

Canadian Coins at Cemetery

Canadians do this everywhere

Canadian maple tree at cemetery

Little piece of Canada growing where many died

Juno Cemetery

I was struck by all of the scripture and Christian messages on the tombstones. Amanda and I were in tears reading the dates, calculating the ages and reading the personal messages from parents.

All that are in the grave

My heavenly home

To be with Christ

Unknown soldier

Lots of these...

I shall miss

This one made us cry

God is nigh

This one too


Little pieces of Canada everywhere


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