Cottage Days in our “off boarding” week

happy Graeme on an 'cottage' evening

These days we have anywhere from 2-6 hours of work at the school followed by long evenings together to enjoy the spring rain or sun. Some days we go for walks. Some days we prepare dinner together in lieu of dining back at the castle. We read, watch previously downloaded streams of video (we have no internet) and plan our futures.

Graeme grills burgers

Amanda made the patties, Graeme did the grillin

burger on grill


The herb babies have really grown. So has the garden. We often ride by the white house to grab arugula or lettuce from the garden to use in our dinner.

Our internet finally arrived (sort of). It came in a huge box complete with cords, converters and instructions in Dutch. Many google translations later we discovered that we had not, in fact, received our internet and our set-up was only 62% complete. We would receive the finishing touches sometime on June 7.

kpn internet box

Today we went for a bike ride after our ‘cottage church service’. We found a very strange farm near the train station in Ommen. There lived peacocks, chickens, deer, sheep and the odd rabbit.

peacock at a nearby... petting zoo?

We also have had a few visitors of the shrew variety IN our cottage. We’ve grown accustomed to the ant holocaust we find each morning thanks to the poison planted by the former tenants. The first shrew evaded Graeme’s technically advanced trap (a plastic tupperware container) the first night, but the second spotted shrew was not so lucky. He was swiftly captured then given a roaring rapids swimming course in the nearby river. (Graeme edit: the training of the shrew)


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