Another trip, another itinerary

the travel agents

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition. On the first trip that Graeme and I took together, I designed an itinerary. I told him about it first, that it was for my portfolio and needing more pieces, etc. blah blah. But when I actually presented it to him in Boston, I think he was shocked. I had planned activities, meals, transportation details. I’d included maps, metro info, contact information (duh…the phone number for Uno’s Pizza!) and little patriotic graphics–the trip was over the July 4th weekend.

Naturally when the Cooley family comes to town, we need a plan. So, I got to work. Dad and I laboured over google maps to create the perfect driving itinerary. We traded emails about hotels, restaurant reviews and activities. I must admit though that I was so focused on the Normandy part that I didn’t have a chance to design a printed piece for Graeme and my Paris portion of the trip. And the piece of paper that I hand wrote said itinerary on got left behind in Ommen. At least we had emailed ourselves all the screen shots of the google maps we had created. It worked well in Milan and we improved our system for a better outcome in Paris.

the golden ticket


One thought on “Another trip, another itinerary

  1. it was an incredible itinerary and really appreciated allllll the work it took.
    looks pretty too.
    what a fun time to see how close we stuck to it.
    mom C

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