Springtime in France: Etretat to Honfleur (Day 2)

Drive a couple hours north of Paris and you find yourself amid glorious cliffs along white sandy beaches littered with striped boats and people (the sailor shirts, I mean). If I had an Euro for every person I passed wearing a striped shirt, I’d be a thousandair.

Some highlights:

Etretat cliffs

Etretat cliffs

Amanda & Graeme on the boardwalk

battery on the beach

Axis battery on the beach

Graeme after our 'hike' up the cliffs

Graeme after our 'hike' up the cliffs

Amanda on cliff

An hour south-west one can find a string of charming seaside spots where the rich and famous perch in the summer. We visited one such ville, enjoyed a fantastic meal (and one of our least expensive 3 course fixed price) and visited a local organic market. There’s quite a vibrant art scene still today—this is where many of the impressionist painters came to capture the joie de vivre.

Honfleur harbor

Honfleur harbor

The sun. The sea. The sailor. You could dress me in a striped shirt and leave me to eat fish, cheese and breath salty air for a few weeks and I’d be a happy lady.

Honfleur cafe

This little seaside ville had no shortages of cute, petit cafes. The colors combinations, colored napkins, chalkboard napkins and vintage chairs all lend an air of authenticity and charm. And of course, all chairs face out for optimal people watching!



This church is really cool. Since this is a seaside town, the only thing that the villagers were really good at making were boats, so when it came time to make a church they made two upside-down boats and some walls. Pretty clever!


One thought on “Springtime in France: Etretat to Honfleur (Day 2)

  1. this was a beautiful place to visit and sooo glad we got to stay here, shop at market here, and have a great dinner thanks to Dads restaurant research. (i think)

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