Springtime in France: Paris to Monet (Day 1)

Graeme and I spent our first weekend of the ‘Easter break’ in Amsterdam (a post on that to come). We then boarded a train to Gare du Nord to meet Jay & Ingrid for our 7 day Norman tour. We had a few hours to spend in Paris before hitting the road, so we jumped on a bus and headed to Montmartre to picnic on the green beneath Sacre Cour. What a beautiful day it was to enjoy some tartes, baguettes and quiche.

Welcome the "Donaldsons"

Gare du Nord

The Basilique du Sacre-Coeur

We stayed the night near Vernon, where Monet spent 40 years of his life painting and designing his gardens. For a considerable fee, visitors get to walk through his lovingly maintained gardens, his home and salon and shop in his studio-cum gift shop.

walkways at Monet's garden

turns a cynic into a flower lover!

Amazing color combinations! Monet’s library contained encyclopedias of botany and gardening practices. He filled pages upon pages in his diary about his successes and failures in the garden.

Japanese section of his gardens

His gardens were highly inspired by his love for Japanese prints and imagery

In his Giverny home, Monet surrounded himself with Japanese woodblock prints that he started collecting in the 1860s—a passion that would last for over three decades. At the end of his life, he owned 231 Japanese engravings.

lazer cut edged flowers

lazer cut edged flowers

Cherry blossoms in Monet's garden

Cherry blossoms were very popular in the late 1800s (think Monet & Van Gogh paintings)

Note the gardener on the phone while watering!


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