Countdown to Easter Break

Amsterdam flowers

must have been in Amsterdam

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to do homework on a Sunday. I remember when in the last few weeks of college I was excusing myself from fun Sunday activities or dinner invitations after church and thinking–this will be over soon! And here I am again monitoring a study block for 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. The only major difference is that I didn’t get to go to church. Graeme and I wait until this evening until we have some time to listen to a podcasted sermon.

The good news is we’re experiencing some beautiful weather which we hope extends into France during our trip. Last weekend we had the chance to train to Amsterdam to be normal 20somethings again: sit in the park, patio lunch, Sunday church and shop at our favorite grocery store to stock up for the next 2 weeks. We also visited Esmee & Stefan on our way into the city. There, we saw the most beautiful blossoms!

Note the Flag of Amsterdam: xxx

It was such a beautiful day, so we decided to go to Vondelpark.

Graeme loves crowds

But it looked like this: PACKED with people.

YIKES! Amsterdam hippie fest

So we went here instead.


Ah how we’ve missed our babies.

Graeme and the bikes


Our garden is growing well. We hope to get the carrots and other flowers in the ground before we head out for break.

Graeme in our garden

Amanda in the garden
My Creative Hour with about 7 girls on Wednesdays is going well: baking muffins, making tea and doing creative drawing exercises. Next week we’ll make chai tea from scratch. I’m hoping to get an oven in the House Parent’s room so that we can bake cookies and muffins more regularly for after school/evening snacks.
This next week will be slightly busier than we had hoped. We’re covering extra classes (we’re first on the sub-list!!) and doing a few extra special boarding activities with the other houseparents. We also have our 2nd staff meeting. Lastly, we’ll be packing up for our next move: into a cottage 10min down the road where we’ll live until end of the school year, July 1.
I have had little chunks of time to go through my Paris guidebook and mark out a bunch of things on a Google map near our hotel that we can spend our 48hours doing. And I thought, oh man…if I had even 1 week to go through this guidebook and visit the places in this book, I could get lost by myself and have a great time. I mean, Graeme is nice to have with me, but I could spend way more time in tea shops, clothing shops, paper stores and taking photos!! You girls can understand 🙂

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