N is for Noordermarkt, D is for Donaldson.

candles and flowers

wooden letter D

The ultimate country-chic shop near Noordermarkt, one of the best weekly events in the city. Graeme was sick in bed, so I had to document. Obviously. Since we’re moving into the ‘country’ I’ve been feeding my inner shabby-chic interior design appetite, hoping that if we stay out there for another school year that some serious renos on the ‘white house’ can be implemented 🙂

I wandered into Noorderkerk, following the lovely pipe organ music (and yearning to warm up!) that warmed the air. The church sits on the corner of the Princengracht and was designed by Hendrick de Keyser and completed in 1623. Noorderkerk was originally built for the working class of the Jordaan, who felt the Westerkerk was too far away (so Dutch…1.2 k away or 4 min on bike). Historically a site for demonstrations, protesters gathered at the Noordermarkt in February 1941 to rally against the Nazi deportation of Jews (the event is commemorated on the church’s south side).

Next time I plan to bring Graeme, purchase some baguette, goat cheese and fresh pesto and enjoy a lovely lunch back at the Jan Steenstraat balcony—weather permitting.


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