TimeOut Graeme

Graeme holds up February's issue of TimeOut Amsterdam

So before we decided that we would take the job at Eerde and become hosueparents to 30 odd students (odd as in “we don’t really know how many will come and go” as opposed to “them kids are weird”) I decided to take an internship at Time Out Magazine. Amanda and I had gone to an expat fair way back in October and had seen the people at the magazine do a presentation on being expats and doing freelance work in The Netherlands. I filed the magazine away in my head as “potential” and sent them an email seeing if they needed any extra help. Turns out they utilize (and, perhaps even rely) on a steady stream of interns to come in for short periods of time and help out. So I did for a month! (It was supposed to be three, but I found out about Eerde midway through.)

So out in the world there in a Time Out Amsterdam magazine that has my name in the masthead way…way…way down near the bottom.


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