Interesting things about Milan

The city is under construction due to the expo in 2015. I guess if the Duomo took 500 years to complete, it’s a good thing the city is getting ready now.

near Brera Art Gallery


Ladies over 65 wear fur.

ladies in fur


They overcharge for dining and undercharge for the metro. In Italy, the practice of charging a ‘cover’ for dining guarantees a nice tip for the serving staff. The bummer part is that it’s charged per person instead of per table. Jerks.

Abundance of: cars, traffic lights and concrete. Not ideal for snooping.

Italians smoke WAY more than the Dutch. I felt like I was constantly inhaling.

Milan is NOT where the leather goods are at. But at least it has a 5 floor Tom Ford flagship!

Tom Ford store in Milan


It’s pretty hazy in Milan. In fact, you can’t drive on Sundays in the center in effort to cut down on pollution.

Toddler clothes/lifestyle stores are everywhere! Chic moms have plenty of options for their tots including daywear, lounge-wear and of course, the bedroom.

chic toddler fashions at Nanan in Milan


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