Peek inside Castle Eerde

So, everyone who voted “Castle” WINS!

We have accepted the offer to serve as houseparents through the end of the 2010-2011 school year. We will be doing academic support work during the day—Graeme will tutor and Amanda will help out with art/design/etc. stuff. We will be at the school in Ommen, NL through June 2011. If you would like to visit us, we have a spring break April 16–30. Queen’s Day is April 30 and is sure to be a riot in any major city. During these weeks, the tulips are in full bloom in the Keukenhof. Sometime in the next 2 months we will decide whether we’ll stay for the 2011-2012 school year at which time we’ll be applying for a migrant-worker visa that allows us to stay up to 5 years!

Ommen is about 2hr from Central Station in Amsterdam. Just under an hour away from Utrecht and even closer to the German border (boo!). We will mostly likely be planning to do some traveling in Europe from July-August with a potential return to N. America.

As promised….here are some pics from inside the castle.

front foyer

the front foyer looking into a classroom/music hall

one of the 'classrooms'

an old form inside the Principle's office

the grounds

the grounds


One thought on “Peek inside Castle Eerde

  1. amaazing! I VOTED CASTLE and I am so excited that you get to live in what looks like a living, breathing space for ADVENTURE! I love reading your blog and I am definitely gonna hit up Amsterdam some day and do EVERYTHING you recommend!

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