Typical Dutch – around town

Aren’t those missing something, you ask? You’re right! No powdered sugar as these are savory oliebollen filled with greyure cheese and ham. They were amazing! We decided we’d eat all the oliebollen we can because after the New Year’s celebration stuff goes on sale, oliebollen will be no more.

Everytime I talk to Oma on the phone she asks me if we’ve seen houseboats. My Opa bought one for the family when he and Oma were first married and served as the hospital where both my mom & aunt were born (1958-1961). She loves to tell the story of stepping out the front door to skate on the ice. Mom likes to add that one time while precariously washing the windows she fell into the canal!

Dutch roads are basically a bunch of bricks fit together like puzzle pieces to make it easier to access the dirt and whatever other plumbing, wires, etc. is laid beneath. This means they are in constant reconstruction because, well, there’s nothing really to hold them down or together.

The national favorite..kind of like a Target: food, homewares, stationery, cheap Christmas crap, kitchen items and of course the Cheese Slicer. Oh and the €0.40 per use toilets. Only had to do that once so far.

This is Project Pisa: try to keep the terribly crumbly building from sinking. Quite common, also.

See the row houses they drew on the “typical italian food” sign? That was to remind you which city you’re in. Because you may have forgotten, ads, shop signs and windows often depict the landscape.

Alas, a Dutch woman eating her Dutch Fries with MAYONNAISE. I can’t tell you how many tourists I hear waiting in line (oh yes, there is a line) discuss how weird it is to eat fries with mayonnaise but convince themselves that it’s a good idea to try (when in Rome…). Now, this is not a foreign concept to me; I eat mayo on everything, always have and wasn’t ever picky about mayo or miracle whip. But in the Netherlands, the mayo is on a whole different level. It’s delicious and more acidic or sweeter or creamier and definitely addicting!


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