Winterland in Amsterdam

Twas a cold, winter night and we had a craving for olie bollen. So, Graeme and I decided we’d brave the cold and walk to the nearest stand, for it was much too snowy to bike.

Through the very slippery park. Graeme fell.

Passed a chocolate store with Christmas themed delicacies. And finally arrived at Winterland Amsterdam! They have these set up all over the city at any little square. Filled with carnival style huts selling food, mulled wine and candy. They often include a skating rink and perhaps an arcade. But most importantly, olie bollen. However, you have to avoid the tourist trap ones that might charge €3 for a waffle and €1 for a piece of olie bollen. Like a good Dutch shopper, I wouldn’t pay more than €1.5 for a waffle and €0.80 per “stuk” of olie bollen. But sometimes, we get desperate…

There weren’t many people there–I think it was 7 o’clock on a Tuesday–but we arrived at something like this stand to purchase several pieces of fried dough covered in powdered sugar.

This photo is from the stand in Maastricht, used because it was much too dark to get a photo of the one down our street.


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