Dutch Christmas Spectacular

So after church on Christmas Eve Amanda and I came home and ate a Belgian Waffle. We cracked on the TV (a rarity) and watched some of the Christmas shows–Dutch style!

One we watched looked really really familiar. We were looking at the set up and this big stage in the middle of a square and I said “you know, I think that’s Maastricht.” After a little bit we realized that yes, it was Maastricht, apparently filmed a few days before we arrived. After a few songs we realized that the singers weren’t just singing random songs, but that the different singers were playing characters. There was an angel, Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men (played by three fat doo-wop motown ladies), some shepherds.

My favorite was King Herod. He must be some famous dutch dude or something, but he was pretty spectacular. In the clip below, the wise men (um..wise ladies?) just told Herod that Jesus was going to be king of the Jews. His overflowing emotion bursts into song.

Enjoy. I know I did.

Breath-taking stuff.

Actually, that’s a pretty good song choice when you think about it. Fits with the narrative. And he was so in to it. I know I will never listen to Abba the same way again.

If you want to watch more of the Christmas Special, you can here but that above clip is the top shelf stuff. Everything else pretty much pales in comparison to a giant Dutch man wearing a fur cape singing disco hits.


2 thoughts on “Dutch Christmas Spectacular

  1. yes i recognize the plaza from the Andre Rieu shows that I’ve watched with Oma. what a great place for outdoor concerts, spectaculars.

  2. That’s Ernst-Daniel Smid. He’s indeed a very famous opera singer in The Netherlands. He even had his own show on the channel ‘Nederland 3’. In Maastricht it is on the ‘Vrijthof’. This is a very known ‘plein’ (place) in the middle of Maastricht where André Rieu has his amazing over-the-top violin (with huge dressed-up -in costume- orchestra) concerts.

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