Churches in Amsterdam | for English-speaking

Updated: Jan 2016

When we were getting ready to move to Amsterdam, we scoured the internet for evangelical, Christian churches that conducted service in English. We had to do a lot of digging, so I thought it might be useful to someone else to publish a little list:

Vineyard Amsterdam
A church plant out of Columbus, Ohio. Started in 2009, “connect” small groups that meet around the city; modern praise music in the service; Service in English or Dutch always with headset translation; some Dutch worship music; strong tie with Vineyard Utrecht

Hillsong Church
Church plant out of Hillsong London; started in 2009, lots of young people, modern praise music with praise team and instruments; lots of clapping! English sermon

Amsterdam 50 / formerly Zolder
Church started by a group from Colorado; Started around 2003; small groups that meet weekly around the city; English services; modern praise music; lots of young people

English Reform Church of Amsterdam
Large Brit/Scottish representation; Scottish minister; the church is one of the oldest in the city; organ, choir and music director lead songs from hymnals; more liturgical than the other church plants, wider demographic of attendees 

Crossroads International Church
Located in Amstelveen near the CoBrA museum; English with Dutch translation; English and Dutch modern worship music; lots of clapping! lots of young families and youth. Follow them on Twitter for the latest info.

Waterland Church
Located in Amsterdam Zuid is this relatively new church. There’s not much info on their website, but a reader of this blog contributed this listing to our post.

Liberty Church
With a very hip website, this church meets near Muiderpoort Station. It’s part of the Newfrontiers network, a UK-based group. Still in its early days…check them out.

——— not sure if the following church still meets??

CCC / Christian City Church / C3
Located in Amstelveen near the CoBrA museum; English with Dutch translation; English and Dutch modern worship music; lots of clapping! wide demographic of people; Pastors are from Austrailia


14 thoughts on “Churches in Amsterdam | for English-speaking

  1. Hello! I am looking for a christian fellowship in down town Amsterdam named 8H- churche or something. They use to have meetings in a bar (???). Can anyone help me?

  2. I can only agree with the previous posts, I have been desperately searching for a church since I moved here as a student. Trying to find a church to go to is harder than I thought, so thank you very much for this post

  3. Thank you SO much for this! I too have been digging to find English speaking churches that my boyfriend can get visit and find one to get plugged into when he moves in October.

    • You are welcome! We were last in Amsterdam in Oct 2011, but we have close contact with many of our friends who attend the Vineyard church there. Please let us know if we can further connect you with a community. Cheers!

  4. Thanks for this! It helped so much, I’m moving to Amsterdam in a few months for University and have been searching for a solid list of Christian churches. Looking forward to visiting some of these.

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