It’s too early to call anyone. boo time zones.


Beef & Broccoli

To satisfy my Chinese Food craving!

It’s been an amazingly rich experience so far and really good for our marriage. We feel like God is teaching us a lot about creating life ‘together’ rather than two people joining their lives. Job hunting is a slow process and some days the discouragement is heavier than others. We are making some friends from church, some from other social events but the Dutch don’t really initiate things like we N. Americans, so it’s taking time. The weather has been pretty mild (except for this weekend!) and we’ve enjoyed walks in the park near our house, exploring different neighborhoods and taking lots of pictures.

So many very basic things are done just so differently – toilet paper length, water efficient appliances, the way windows open, traffic signals that turn off at night–drive at your own risk.  It’s a beautiful city, but even more beautiful when the sun shines..the buildings take on a golden hue and the red brick gets richer.

We bought Museum passes so we can go unlimited to over 300 museums in Holland! We’ve visited the photo museum, the Van Gogh and to the Rijksmuseum (Dutch Masters) we will go today. That’s been a fun and cheap date night.

Since we’re trying to save money and are working from home most days, our meals are the big event, so we scour the city for interesting ingredients, visit the markets and are trying lots of different recipes. Our apartment is well equipped with all sorts of kitchen appliances, so we can be a bit more adventurous.

Early on we stumbled across this little type shop where a man has been printmaking on his collection of old presses for years. He has a huge collection of furniture which he uses to make pictorial prints as well–obsessed with trains and makes tons of train landscapes. Beautiful work, and the shop smells amazing 🙂

So far I’m struggling to connect with designers due to language barrier but we keep hearing that things will pick up after the holidays, so we’re not giving up hope yet. And probably investing time into learning Dutch once we make the decision to stay past our lease (March) and/or our visa renewal (Sept).


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