World Trade Center…Expat Center…covered in snow!

(Fun fact: this blog is co-written! See if you can find out who wrote what. And you thought your source criticism at seminary wouldn’t come in handy!)


The Expat Center is pilot program of a larger campaign called iAmsterdam. It’s a fabulous resource to expat who are trying to adjust to the city. Unfortunately the kind of services they offer are targeted towards people who already have employment (not us). They help with registration, housing, health care, education services and social clubs. We managed to find out most of those things on own our and before even arriving! Oh well…the receptionist directed us towards a list of recruitment agencies that we were encouraged to submit our CVs to. They would of course help us revise them to Dutch standards and perhaps call us if anything interesting matched our qualifications. So, that’s what occupies our time this week.

Tomorrow I will bazaar with the American’s Women Club in De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam’s oldest and largest hidden church (whatever that means…).

We sat here to do some research on the companies whose doors we were about to knock on. It’s pretty nice to have our phones so we can do some of this stuff on the road (as opposed to taking notes in a notebook and doing it when we get home.) It was then that Amanda noticed a hair salon off the main corridor. She’s been looking for a hairdresser as it has gotten pretty long and thought she’d pop in to check the pricelist. This little Greek, or French or Italian man (turns out his name was Surge…) greeted us at the door and asked how he could help (in more of a French/Italian accent). Amanda asked how much a hair wash/cut/blow would cost, to which he replied “may I see your hair?” We kinda did a “um…ok?” so Amanda pulled her hair out of her big billowy jacked (remember, its snowy) and let him lean in and touch it.

“Oh what beautiful hair you have, but what a shame, no shine! What are you using on it? I have this fabulous product that we should use for you. We need to do a deep condition in addition to your cut and blow-dry. Can you come by Friday?”

This sparked something in her. For the next 24 hours I would hear “boo my hair isn’t shiny…Serge can help me!” But at like €80 Euros we decided the shine can come another way for now. (But this has confirmed our “rich girl hair” theory.)

Amanda liked the text splashed across the glass. What a cool building and amazing place to work; all the natural light and meeting space. The ‘towers’ are a little confusing and the elevators (despite the cool green shaft detailing) are very cramped. But it’s this really neat complex super close to our house. If only I a) spoke Dutch and b) had some sort of finance degree I could work here. Lots of investment firms and job agencies specializing in finance jobs.


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