Oh the weather outside is…WINDY!

But we’re inside eating “American cookies” with our evening post-dinner tea & coffee. We’ve cranked up the heat in this apartment (sorry Anand) and are bundling up in our best Canadian wool. Graeme finally admitted it was cold outside today!

"Really Good Cookies"

for some reason, the recipe card that I have for these cookies labels them as “Really Good Cookies”. Mom, where did this come from? A hint of chocolate, coconut and pecans help make these “really good”. I think it’s much thanks to the amazing Dutch butter, roomboter, and giant sugar crystals.

A recent purchase, our Christmas napkins bought in Brugges.

A now a word about our advent candles…

The first candle in the Advent lighting tradition stands for HOPE. It is also called the Prophesy candle after the prophetic words of hope delivered by Isaiah. “Arise, shine for your light has come. And the glory of the Lord is upon you.” (Isaiah 60). We are lighting one of our four lights around the “Jesus” candle each evening at dinner.


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