Thanksgiving: behind the scenes

Thanksgiving! What could be better than the smell of cooking turkey, warm stuffing, sweet potatoes and bread in your beautiful apartment in the middle of a beautiful old city? Oh, and some of your family is there too! Awesome!

After some digging, pounding the pavement and bartering, Amanda found a man in the Albert Cuyp market who would be able to get us a turkey. We don’t know how he did it, but two weeks later we got a dead, plucked (well, almost plucked) and gutted birdy for our feast. Rumor was that he was from France. Free range french turkey. We therefore named him Albert (pronounced Al-bear)

So we rubbed him in butter and our herb-babies (basil is doing much better), stuffed him full of stuffing, injected herb-butter under the skin and put him in the oven. I (Grae) am proud to say that I did all the gross work and I’m sure there are a few videos floating around the interwebs with me wrist deep in bird.

Albert, before...

Albert, after.

Amanda then made pumpkin pie! (I ground the cloves) and man, was it amazing. Thanks to the Cooleys for bringing us pumpkin pie mix.

So we all sat down for a great feast, and went around the table saying what we were thankful for. I bet you can guess what one of my main ones was!? (hint, she’s blond)

the cook rests...

Then we all settled down for a post dinner game of monopoly.

How crazy is it that our first married thanksgiving is in Amsterdam! We have lots to be thankful for. And now we’ve mastered the art of having house guests, so come one come all!


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving: behind the scenes

  1. what a memorable thanksgiving it was in Amsterdam with our family. So glad Justin could join us as he hadn’t started his new job yet. and we did our traditional thanksgiving ritual: go around the table to say what we were thankful for. so much it’s hard to know how to keep it to a few. How thankful we were to be together even if it was across the Pond with a french wild turkey. 🙂

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