Utrecht: a photo essay

The canals are quite dramatic in Utrecht. They have a much different “old world” feel than those in Amsterdam. A’dam’s canals feel livable and like extensions of the street. In Utrecht, it’s almost as if you can trace centuries of history in their stones.


Used to have the highest tower in Holland, now surpassed by modern skyscrapers…

a couple months too late!

Graeme's favorite building

Design is everywhere! We found Utrecht to be a very hip city. Well designed bars, restos, boutiques, signage, cafes, workspaces, etc. It’s like a mini A’dam except with more specialty shops. I didn’t recognize many brands here from other places. I didn’t see as many stores or restaurants repeated like you do in A’dam. It just has a quainter but still cosmopolitan feel. No inferiority complex, just doing its own thing. However, our friends Mark & Levi said this is not a place to get caught walking the streets at night alone. Not sure we want to investigate the validity of that claim…


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