capital of law: Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

Graeme was invited for an interview at the American School in Den Haag, so we hopped on a train to make a day trip out of the opportunity. We were recommended a nice restaurant for lunch, so after a train to Leiden, a bus to the school and a bus & train on to Den Haag, we finally settled into a big juicy hamburger. This gave us strength to explore the city: Parliament (binnenhof), the parks, the fancy shopping streets (interior design haven!!) and the long stretch of nothingness between the city and the central station.

This was our first train experience to the World Court’s home in Den Haag, 50min from Amsterdam and therefore our first ‘bike parking lot’ experience.

let's play "where's Amanda's bike" game

Remember that Amazing Race where the teams had to try to find the ‘clue’ bike in the racks?

The interview was a great learning experience. It probably isn’t the right fit for now, but they’ll be reviewing candidates over the next few weeks and Graeme might get a call…God is in control and we understand more and more what our purpose and dreams are for the future.

We enjoyed our day in Den Haag. We sat on the patio for lunch eating the fabulous burgers. We wandered through the streets and ate free chocolate covered kruidnoten, a promotion from one retailer.

patio at lunch time. where are all the people?

Binnenhof & hungry Graeme


Golden Gates of Justice

Amazing Interiors Shop

one day...

For the most part, this city is Super dead…hardly any people around! Saluted my American embassy and enjoyed our train ride back home to A’dam.


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