Sofi number: check. Bank account: check. Jobs? Keep praying…

Everything went really smooth at the registration this morning. The only unfortunately thing is that the Dutch government thinks we’re single because we needed an apostiled marriage certificate to register as ‘married’. We’ll have to determine whether the tax benefits outweigh the hassle & cost of ordering & getting a new marriage certificate from California apostiled.

Then, we headed to the bank to create our very first joint account. Thrilling! We created a ‘young professionals package’ as they call it. We signed, sealed and they will deliver our debit cards and funky ‘internet access’ pin machine within a few days. I’ll have to add a photo when that arrives…very interesting system. Again, the Dutch are over-cautious people who want to make sure that you really are who you say you are, you’ve checked the boxes and signed your name 5 times!

going to make pasta now. love you all 🙂


One thought on “Sofi number: check. Bank account: check. Jobs? Keep praying…

  1. what a great way to stay in touch and see what you’re actually doing there!!!! looks like you’ll be seeing Dad in London soon so you can let us know what USA goodies you just have to have!!!! !
    Also, Dad got his nov sched and we have time off to come visit you in holland and make sure you’re having fun! by the way, all three of us will come check it out, can you handle that? sorry, not the puppy…but Justin! it would be week of Nov. 15th. Dad won’t be home in Texas for Thanksgiving so maybe you can find a Kalkoen (dutch for turkey)and we can celebrate American Thanksgiving in Holland. p.s. remember Justin & I brought thanksgiving meal to Toronto when you couldn’t come home… miss you!
    love Mom

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