Christmas in October

from Julie




We finally saw Esmee & Stefan tonight and they delivered the boxes and a special care package box from Julie! We spent several hours catching up with them and then out to dinner at a great little restaurant around the corner. We were thrilled to find many things I didn’t think I’d packed.

Highlights include:

  • Dallas Stars Championship tea towel (obviously)
  • mini cheese shredder
  • my pillow!!!!
  • fine Italian papers (which haven’t been used since I imported them 2 years ago)
  • kitchen knives…again, so essential I’ve barely managed 🙂
  • lastly, my red Nike shoes (bought here in 2006) I didn’t even miss these…oops!

Tea and muffin tins I’ve been talking about since we arrived, so tomorrow I’m going to enjoy some Sencha Pear from David’s Tea and then make bran muffins.

Side note: What should we do with these bike helmets? Nobody wears them here…


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